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Training to become a water dancer

While I’m at it (and since I’m in such a good mood after today’s bat-events) I thought I should write a post about another of my current adventures.
You see, some weeks ago I decided it would be a great idea to start fencing. Yes, really.
As I happen to be an athletic, muscular, fit person with great balance, obviously this was a flawless plan.
I would love to tell you that I’m a total fencing genius, but the truth is I get the same result as with every other sport I have ever tried. Ever. Which in reality means; I don’t get any results at all.

I also have rather bad luck when it comes to opponents.
My first ever session I ended up in a group of really experienced fencers. They all had muscles and reflexes and knew exactly what they were doing. I thought I was going to die during the warm up.
They put me in some tin-foil suit and had this two-years-of-experience guy stab me until my fencing arm actually fell asleep and I couldn’t move my legs anymore.
And since then, every single session, I somehow end up facing someone with several years of experience. The forth time I went there I was randomly put up against the captain of the women’s fencing team. I think it goes without saying that I totally won and stuff. Yes. Of course it does.

So, in short. While one would expect a fencing session to look something like this:
05_Flatbed_1 - MARCH

mine tend to look more like this:

Oh well, at least I’m getting quite practiced at getting stabbed. I appear to have a special talent for it.

– L


Hello, my darling kittens and sparkle horses!
Yes, yes, I know I’m rather terrible at keeping a blog, but I don’t want to write unless I have something sensible to say.
But I really have to write about today’s adventures, because seriously. Life. Complete. Oh. My. God.

The day started out as any other day. I woke up way too late, which is what happens when you procrastinate and watch batman series until 4am. The first thing I did was considering whether I should start working on one of my four essays…I ended up eating breakfast. I then thought some more about starting my essays, played pokémon for an hour or two, cleaned my room, read my newest Superman comic book, thought some more about essays.
Then I decided it was time to go shopping. I didn’t really want to leave my room (because saturday) but I happened to suffer from an extreme case of fridge emptiness. The only food I had left was a bottle of water and one single carrot.

So I got ready and went to the bus stop. Everything was going well until the bus suddenly took a turn left instead of right and I found myself headed for the train station instead of the local grocery store. Apparently starvation makes me even less skillful when it comes to public transport.
Anyway, I really didn’t want to get off at some random bus stop I didn’t know, so I ended up taking the bus all the way to town. While cursing internally the whole way.

Though it was not planned this little trip to town turned out to be a great distraction (I was still thinking about my essays. Truly.) I discovered a small town marked (cheap vegetables yeah), stocked up on vegetarian food in this special store and window shopped video games. I then slowly found my way back to the bus and the grocery store like I was supposed to.

I don’t know how much my grocery habits say about me but I usually start my hunt for food stocking up on cookies and vanilla coffee.

At some point between getting cereal and finding frozen pizza I got lost in the clothing department. I’m really not used to big stores selling both clothing and food at the same time (they also sell TVs and tableware and other useful stuff) and in these early christmas times it is easy to loose your way between the endless rows of ugly reindeer sweaters.
So, I was hanging around the section for cheap kids clothing (yes, one can procrastinate while grocery shopping) taking pictures of this tiny batman T-shirt, sending it to my friends while making funny jokes about how it didn’t come in my size. I ventured over to the women’s department, which usually just features silly pink shirts with hearts and fairies…

and then I found it…

this is perfection

It’s funny because right now these three are the only men in my life…the only ones I don’t feel like punching in the face, that is.
I think it’s actually meant to be night wear as part of a pajama set, but screw that, I’m gonna wear this beauty in public!
Just look at robin in his pants-less glory!

And just when I thought the day couldn’t become any better…
I am now the proud owner of a batman onesie!

This might just be the best purchase I have made so far in my life. Also I don’t plan on ever taking it off. EVER.

Now, I’m gonna go think some more about starting my essays. If anyone needs me I’ll be out fighting crime in Gotham City.

– L

Trip to Town

Happy Pokemon day, everybody!
Today I went to town to pick up my pre-ordered copy of Pokemon X/Y :’D
I got up kinda early (well, not really. I was up late yesterday working on my social-party-chameleon skills) and spent about three hours walking in circles wondering whether to buy PokemonX or PokemonY. There were so many pros and cons with each game and it’s actually kinda stupid, because in the end I’ll probably end up buying both, but I really couldn’t afford that right now.
I realized I didn’t have any coins left, which is kind of a crisis in England because bus drivers don’t really like paper money. They only want coin.
Anyway. I got on the bus, traveled to town, and realized that I had no idea where I was going.
You see, so far I’ve only been in town twice. One time I hung out with some people who knew the area, the other time everything was dark (because evening/night). So, I had absolutely no idea which way to go.

If there’s one thing you should know about englishmen it is that they love love looove mazes.
Seriously. The harder it is to find your way the better. That’s what they thought while designing my university and that’s what they thought when building the town. And it’s not just hard to find out where your going, it should also be almost impossible to find your way back.

I started walking around kinda aimlessly, and suddenly I was outside the right store! Apparently feeling the glorious vibrations from hidden game-stores is one of my super powers.
I swear to the old gods and the new, I have never in my life seen as many people in a small-ish game store! It was completely packed. Apparently everyone in England had pre-ordered pokemon. I didn’t see the Queen, but I’m guessing she had some servants pick up her copy before everyone else.
So, I finally made up my mind and bought pokemon X. Rainbow-deer trumps everything!

Then I got the brilliant idea that I should walk around town, trying to figure out where everything is and such. (also, I was kinda lost.)
I discovered lots of interesting things during my town travels.
For example, this town has more wedding-dress stores than grocery shops. I guess priorities are important. There were halloween stores, selling costumes and things that made my inner SFX makeup artist and Cosplay enthusiast cry, on just about every street corner. There was this guy who kept telling me how Jesus is the way and how he wants to fill my life with joy, which is awfully nice of him, of course. And then I discovered a “complete extended edition Lord of The Rings trilogy blue-ray” to only 24 pounds….that’s less than 300 kr, you guys! I almost had a hart attack…England your prices are amazing and I love you (though I did not have the money to buy it)…

In the end I managed to find my way back to the correct bus stop and got back to Uni.
But now I am facing a grave choice….to study, or to Pokemon?

– L

Little Lucy and the big birthday adventure

I apologize for my absence but there really haven’t been that many exciting things going on.
I said I didn’t think I’d make any proper friends before my birthday, and being a psychic, special snowflake, I was right.
I have met people I like, but no one who could be bothered going to the zoo with me.
So, being the brave little soldier that I am, I got up kinda early and traveled out into the big world on my own.
It was ok at first, I took the bus into town, where I had to hang around for an hour before getting on the bus to the zoo.

The zoo was very nice indeed. The whole place was (hopefully unintentionally) built like a giant maze, thus I am not sure how big it is compared to other zoo’s I’ve visited. But I do know they had animals I’ve never seen before in real life.
Some of them were cheetah and anteater.
They also had one of those underwater tunnels, except instead of fish and sharks there were sea lions. This little tunnel was probably my favorite part of the whole zoo. Watching sea lions swimming rather gracefully all around you was truly magical. Especially with the sun from the outside hitting the water.

I then hung out with the penguins.
(This is where the party’s at! Dress code: White tie and tails.)

You may think celebrating your birthday by visiting a zoo on your own is a bit sad, but it really wasn’t. In fact, these little guys in tux were a lot more interesting to be around than several human beings I’ve had the pleasure of hosting during my lifetime.

(Chilling by the pool with my crew.)

I also got to see wolves and lions and elephants and llamas and ostridge up close.
And I got to learn a lot of new things:
– I learnt that English zoo-goers aren’t any smarter than the Norwegian ones.
“Look at that beaver!” Said Norwegian lady and pointed at the otter.
“Look at that tiger!” Said English lady and pointed at the leopard.
– I learnt that anteaters are probably the weirdest creature to ever roam the earth.
– I learnt that children are LOUD. And when you feed them with ice cream and allow them to run freely they all turn into Dudley (from the Harry Potter books).
– I learnt to never again try and take the bus in England on a Sunday.

Seriously though. That last point is really important. And this is why.
After spending the rest of my day talking to a severely curious llama, who really wanted to eat my zoo-map, I fought my way through the gift shop and headed home. The only problem was…that there was no bus.
You see, in England, they don’t have a timetable for the Sunday buses. Well, they do actually, but they don’t go around putting it up where anyone can see it. They hide it away somewhere on the internet and never speak of it publicly. Which means I ended up hanging around some deserted bus stop on the wrong side of town with two asian people who barley spoke english.
I was actually planning on just sitting there until some bus arrived, but the asian people didn’t want to do that.
They wanted to walk.
And so we did.
Now, I am aware that I did not have to follow them, but they seemed really concerned about me and it was about to get dark and I didn’t actually feel like spending the rest of my birthday sitting by some road waiting for a bus that might not even show up. And so I ended up silently walking behind mr. and mrs. asian person I don’t know for about 20 minutes along a trafficked road that clearly wasn’t meant for pedestrians.
It was awesome.
When we finally arrived in town we discovered that the bus we needed where driving only 15 minutes behind us. Yay.
We got on and went to the city centre. Where I was supposed to change buses, but since I’m a useless piece of fabulous I managed to get off on the wrong stop. I then had to walk halfway around town to get back to a bus stop that I had passed with the bus I just got off.
I ended up walking alone, in the dark, in a town I don’t know, with a phone that was almost out of power.
When I finally found the right bus stop (after walking and walking and walking) the bus had just left and I had to wait another 30 minutes. And just when I was about to get on, guess who showed up!
My friends; Mr. and Mrs. Asian person I don’t know!
Turns out after they left me at the town centre bus stop, they went to a restaurant, ate dinner, and then walked through town to the same bus stop I was trying to find all along. They managed to do all this while I was fooling around in the dark imagining what people would write on my tombstone.
In the end it took me about three hours or so to get from the zoo and back to my flat.
Will I be going anywhere by bus on a Sunday anytime soon?
No, I will not.

At least when I got home I hung out with family and friends at skype and everything was pretty much awesome.
Hopefully next time I go to the zoo I will have someone with me….and it will be a monday.

– L

New School

Just as everyone else back home began their autumn break, I just ended my summer vacation and started at my new school. That was two days ago.

So far I’ve been to three separate welcome talks, met some tutors who’s names I cannot remember, and met like four other students….all of them Norwegians, which is no fun at all.
My new accommodation is…ok, I guess. But I really really miss my Oslo apartment. Not to mention my awesomesauce room-mate…
Here I’m living on the same floor as 5 other people, but I haven’t really talked to any of them, and it doesn’t seem like they want to talk to me either.
So now I’m sitting in a very empty room, with a shower that doesn’t work properly, feeling severely scared and lonely.

Also my bed is really hard. Being half princess and half obnoxious prick I am hypersensitive when it comes to mattresses. Last year, when I moved to Oslo, I hated my new mattress so much I had to get two more…and then another one on top of that. The problem is, now I’m in England and I can’t really go around buying truckloads of mattresses.

Though I guess it’s not all gloom and doom. England is a truly beautiful country and there are so many places I want to visit over here. The school has a park right beside it with loads of old oak trees and wild rabbits!DSCF6099
(Mom and I really tried to get a picture of the rabbits, but they were too skittish. But just look at the trees!)

And it’s so much easier to find good comic books here. They even sell comics in the campus book store! And they are so much cheaper than in Norway! This is really good news because I had to leave all my precious babies behind when i left.

This sunday is my birthday, and since I don’t really think I’ll manage to get ahold of any friends before that I am making grand plans of celebrating myself with the penguins in the town-zoo. We’re going to have a wonderful party, and you are not invited.

– L

Minotaur Mania

So I finally got around to upload some pictures of my Minotaur costume.
An originally designed half suit based on the Beastman race from the boardgame Warhammer.
Originally he was only wearing a tunic and some bones, but I decided to pimp him up, giving him some armor for the convention Desucon Fantasy in Norway. Mostly so that I could mach my flatmate’s costume.
Personally I think we look somewhat like a medieval Han Solo and Chewbacca.
I was actually planning to make a proper post about or adventures at Desucon Fantasy, but I’m feeling to lazy tonight, so we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, have some fuzzy Minotaur pictures:


medieval han soloFINAL

wrong hood yo2